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Sunrise House Foundation “Mother and Me” is residential treatment program that is a partnership between Sunrise House Foundation, the New Jersey Division of Addiction Services and the New Jersey  Division of Child Protection and Permanency. The “Mother and Me” treatment program, is an extended care treatment program for pre- and post partum women who have been identified as being addicted to, or at high risk for relapse involving drug and alcohol use due to poor coping skills and multiple stressors present in the life of mother and child. After Sunrise House begins the treatment and recovery process, the children are brought to Sunrise House and reside with their mothers. When the children, ages infant to twelve years old are brought to Sunrise House, an intensive program in our Developmental Daycare Center begins along with a program for the mothers to develop parenting skills.

Since over thirty three percent (33%) of child abuse and neglect cases substantiated byThe Division of Child Protection and Permanency involve at least one, or both care-givers with a known substance abuse problem, and almost two children per 100,000 die from abuse and neglect, the Mother and Me Program will focus on the treatment of chemical dependency and the rehabilitation of mothers and children at high risk of neglect and abuse.

Program Highlights:

The primary focus of treatment will be drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention, twelve step educations, as well as other acceptable treatment modalities that are incorporated into an individualized treatment plan for both mother and child.

  • GED classes and basic literacy skills
  • Vocational training, employment readiness, interviewing skills, resume writing
  • Nicotine education and replacement is a mandatory part of residential living at Sunrise House
  • Assertiveness training
  • Domestic violence, sexual trauma awareness and education will be provided
  • Nutrition classes for mother, in regard to herself and her child.
  • Parenting and early childhood development skills are integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Physical and Psychological wellness classes are provided
  • Birth control, HIV, HEP C education
  • Life skills activities of daily living skills
  • One to one counseling sessions for chemical dependency and behavioral health issues
  • Group counseling
  • Family education and counseling
  • Community networking education with utilization of community resources
  • Medical and nursing care for the client and child including health related issues and detoxification
  • Psychological consultation for behavioral health issues


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