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We'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns – or would like additional information about Sunrise House Foundation, our programs or services – please contact us.

Pre-Admission Form


Date of Birth:

Phone Number:


Drug of Choice:

Describe Multiple/Other:

Insurance Information

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Mailing Address and General Inquiries:

Sunrise House Foundation
P.O. Box 600
Lafayette, NJ 07848
(800) LET LIVE
(973) 383-6300

info@sunrisehouse.com  or Admissions@sunrisehouse.com

Patient Mailing Address:
[Patient name]
c/o Sunrise House
P.O. Box 600 , 37 Sunset Inn Road
Lafayette, NJ 07848

Mother and Me Program
c/o Sunrise House Foundation
PO Box 600
Lafayette, NJ 07848

Estela Rowe, Director of Patient Services
973-383-6300 ext. 174

Donations, Fund Raising and Special Events

Dr. Philip Horowitz, CEO




Employment Information:
Maryann Taylor, Director of Human Resources
973-383-6300 ext. 104

Family Programs (Education and Services):
Evelyn Gabin-Rossi, Director of Family Services
973-383-6300 ext. 123

Cultural Diversity Plan:

If you would like information regarding our Cultural Diversity Plan please contact:

Maryann Taylor, Director of Human Resources
973-383-6300 ext. 104


Other Locations:

Halfway Home for Women, Franklin, NJ
Phone: 973-827-5489 or 973-827-5780
Fax: 973-827-1266

Beth Nathans, LCADC- Director



Dudley House-Halfway Home for Men, Plainfield, NJ

Phone: 908-755-0646  Fax: 908-755-0649

Natoiya Sears,LCADC-Director